Payments, Deliveries & Cancellations (and other Useful Information)!

Payments and Delivery Dates:

You will not be charged when you Subscribe. Payments will be taken on the following dates:

Spring Adventure Box: Payment: 1st February. Delivery: 1st week of March.

Summer Adventure Box: Payment: 1st May. Delivery: 1st week of June.

Autumn Adventure Box: Payment: 1st  August. Delivery: 1st week of Sept.

Winter Adventure Box: Payment: 1st Nov. Delivery: 1st week of Dec.

Size Updates:

Make sure to log in to your Adventure Box account to update your sizing for your clothing items; We only produce a set amount of items based on your selections so we won't be able to exchange this for you if your size hasn't been updated! This must be done the day before we process your payment at the very latest.

Cancellations to Subscriptions:

You can cancel your next Adventure box, as long as you do it at least 1 month before your next payment is due. To cancel, you will need to head over to your Adventure Box Account and hit the cancel button. This will cancel your next Adventure Box, and any going forward. The 'cancel' button will show on your account a month after payment dates, and will be open for one month. If the 'cancel' button is not showing, this means it is either too early or too late to cancel.

It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to cancel in time and you will not be able to cancel your next box if the deadline has passed.

Customs Charges for Overseas Orders:

It is sometimes possible for customs charges to be applied to your order if you are ordering from a country outside of the UK. Sadly this is completely out of our control so if a customs charge is refused by the buyer and returned to us; We will only be able to provide a refund minus the cost of postage and 50% of the order value. If you would prefer the order to be sent back to you, you will need to re-pay for postage. We hope you can understand why we have put this rule in place as a made-to-order brand.