Past Boxes

Spring 22' Adventure Box!

Featuring: A Moon Child exclusive Forest Green 'Natural Wonders' Print Tee, Build your own Wooden Dino Kit, Exclusive Moon Child Illustrated Fossil Pennant. Natural Wonders Colouring Book, Bugs & Butterflies Art Print, Natural Wonders Sticker Set, Natural History Activity Book, Exclusive Natural Wonders Crayons by The Crayon Bug, Exclusive Fossil Wax Melt by Saffie Bea, Vegan Chocolate Dinosaur Lolly by Fetcha Chocolates.

Winter 21' Adventure Box!

Featuring: A Moon Child exclusive Grey 'We are all Made of Magic' Print Tee, Exclusive Moon Child 'Let the Magic Grow' Lavender Seed Kit, A5 Moon Child Art Print featuring our 'We are all Made of Magic' design, Exclusive 'Seeker of Magic' Embroidered Patch, Magical Treasures Bag, White Vegan Snowman by Moo Free Chocolates, Wooden Exclusive 'Magical' Flag by Claire and the Bear, Sparkly Geode Quartz by Bee Wellness, Exclusive 'Magic of Nature' Activity Book, and Magical Moon Mama Pamper pack (With Lavender Wax Melt by Saffie Bea, Nettle Tea by Heath and Heather, Vanilla Tealight, dried Lavender & Camomile, and Magical Mama Bath Potion).

Autumn 21' Adventure Box!

Featuring: A Moon Child exclusive Brown 'Meet me at the Pumpkin Patch' Copper Foiled Tee, Exclusive Moon Child 'Grow your own Pumpkin Patch' Kit, Moon Child Art Print featuring our 'Meet me at the Pumpkin Patch' design. Exclusive Autumnal Badge Set, Exclusive Moon Child 'Autumn Adventures' Scavenger Hunt Book, Vegan Chocolate and Caramel Crunch Bar by Moo Free, Handmade Felt Hanging Pumpkin by Barnabjorn, and Pumpkin Wax Melts by Lunar and Lux.

Summer 21' Adventure Box!

Featuring: A Moon Child exclusive Cream 'Greatest Show' Circus Tee, Exclusive Moon Child 'Make your own Popcorn' Kit, Moon Child Art Print featuring our 'Greatest Show' Circus design. Exclusive 'Make a Circus Scene' Activity Pack with Crayons and Stickers, Jewelled Artisan Soap by Saffie Bea. Gold Macramé Star by Macramé Mummy, Caramel Scented Playdough by Squidge and Squish.

Spring 21' Adventure Box!

Featuring: An exclusive Cream 'Into the Forest' Tee, Exclusive Moon Child 'Plant your Own Pine Tree Forest' Seed Kit, A Moon Child Art Print featuring our 'Into the Forest' design, Exclusive 'Fun in the Forest' Activity Pack, Exclusive 'Born to Roam' Iron On Embroidered Patch, Vegan Chocolate Brownie from Ansum and Grand, Wooden Tree Set from Bear and Rose, and an 'Enchanted Forest' Wax Melt by Saffie Bea.

Winter 20' Adventure Box!

Featuring: An exclusive White and Navy Baseball Top with our 'Child of the Cosmos' design, Exclusive Moon Child 'Colour Me In' Christmas Postcard Set, A Moon Child Art Print Collab with Writer Amanda Rose Butters, Vegan Rocket Biscuit from The Kitsch Hen, Ceramic 'Cosmic Christmas' Bauble from Northfield Circus, Space themed Crayon Duo Set by The Crayon Bug, and an exclusive 'To the Moon and Back' Wax Melt by Saffie Bea, and an Interstellar Self Heating Facemask from Spacemasks.


Autumn 20' Adventure Box!

Featuring: Exclusive Cream 'Stay Cosy' Fox tee, Autumn Adventure Colouring Book + Sticker, Stay Cosy Art Print, Lotus Biscuits, Macrame Rainbow by Obviously Knott, Autumn Crayon Set by The Crayon Bug, and the most amazing Vegan Marshmallow Brownie from A Kind Mama Vegan Bakery.


Summer 20' Adventure Box!

Featuring: Exclusive 'Soul Full of Sunshine' tee, Moon Child Badge + Sticker, Moon Child Activity Pack, Sweets, Art Print, Crescent Moon by Hey Kiddo Studio, and a Summer Solstice Bath Salt Shot by Lunar and Lux.

Spring 20' Adventure Box!

Featuring: Exclusive 'Free Spirit' tee, Stickers, Explorer Hunt Pack, Sweets, Save the Bee Kits, Art Print, Wooden 'Moon Child' Disc by Bear & Rue, and a Moon Child Scented Tealight Set by Saffie Bea.