What to do if my Christmas Gift doesn't arrive in time?

What to do if my Christmas Gift doesn't arrive in time?

We know what you're thinking..."What am I going to do if my Christmas Presents don't arrive in time?"

The Postal Strikes this month have meant that SO many orders (including first class) are taking up to 3 weeks to arrive. Us small businesses have done everything we can to get your items to you on time (think sleepless nights, and a lot of Caffeine), but the backlog of mail has meant we have lost control over this, no matter how hard we've tried!

We fully stand with the Postal Strikes, but we really hate that its affected our lovely Customers. We feel your pain and your frustrations (our Christmas Gifts are delayed in the post, too!) but we really hope this doesn't effect what should be the best time of year for you.

Here's some ideas about what you CAN do if your small shop gift hasn't arrived...

1. Print out a photo of your item.

Wrap up a photo of the item so that your loved one knows what's coming. Give an 'ETA' date so that they know when its going to be arriving. It will give them something exciting to look forward to.

2. Use the gift for a Birthday present later on in the year.

Before you ask for a refund for your small shop order, ask yourself if you could purchase an alternative, and save the gift for a Birthday present for later on in the year. You'll feel pretty organised that you're all set for the next occasion.

3. Purchase a Gift Voucher.

Need a last minute Gift Idea, or alternative? Purchase a gift card from your favourite online seller. The perfect gift for that person who's a little more difficult to buy for.

Fancy purchasing a Moon Child Gift Voucher for the Moon Child in your life? Click here to get yours.

4. Running out of time to get organised? Simply tell your loved one their gift will be late.

They will understand the mail delays, and the likelihood is, they have gifts that are late too. Don't put pressure on yourselves.

5. Use our FREE 'IOU' Gift Voucher to print out and give to your loved one.

Wrap it put, or pop it in a gift box. Your loved one will understand that the delay is out of your control. You can use these vouchers for any brand, so feel free to pass around to people who are still waiting on late mail!

Click here to download your FREE voucher (via a WeTransfer link - It's safe, we promise!)


...and finally, be KIND.

This year has been hard enough for everyone. Be kind to yourself, to others, to the hard working posties (who deserve what they're striking for), to the alternative delivery drivers who are working extra hard more than usual to get your gifts to you on time, and lastly to the amazing small businesses who are doing their absolute best to give you great service right now (sacrificing their own family Christmas time to reply to your emails and messages).

Remember that their present is your presence - and NO gift is worth stressing over.

Happy Holidays, Explorers!

Emma and Soph x

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