Hello, Explorers!

Hello, Explorers!

We've been meaning to set up a Blog section of our website for a while now, and after doing a little Digital Marketing Course with Leona at Indie Roller, we've finally had the push to just GO FOR IT!

Our intentions behind this Blog will be to give you behind the scenes insights and stories, to share journeys & tips of self care and parenthood, and to shine a spotlight onto some of our lovely small shop friends. We hope we may have some guest Blog Hosts along the way.

This is really just an intro post, to introduce ourselves (if you don't know us yet) and tell you a little bit about our brand.

We are Sophie and Emma, and we are Moon Child! We have been friends for 5 years and soon into the start of our friendship, we knew that we wanted to work on a kidswear range together. As we were both learning and feeling inspired by living an eco way of life, we decided to create an eco conscious brand that celebrated the magic and importance of children learning through nature. And in essence, we designed and created with a unisex aimed handwriting.

The inspiration behind the brand probably comes subconsciously from our Yorkshire based childhood in the nineties, which consisted of exploring the local woods, making mud pies, and playing tag with the local kids on the street until the sun went down!

After a year of research and sourcing the perfect suppliers, Moon Child was born. 3 years later and after much demand, the Moon Child range has recently opened the doors to matching adult items, meaning that we offer twinning opportunities for the whole Explorer Family! We are also planning to extend our range to age 12 which should hopefully be ready by Spring 2021.

Here at Moon Child we believe with all of the trillions of stars within this little universe, that Organic & Ethically Produced clothing is one of the key ingredients to ensure that our very own Planet Earth, becomes a Sustainable world to live in.

Stay Wild, Moon Child!
Emma and Sophie x

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