Why Organic Cotton?

Here at Moon Child we believe with all of the trillions stars within this little universe, that Organic & Ethically Produced Cotton is one of the key ingredients to ensure that our very own Planet Earth, becomes a sustainable world to live in.

Organic cotton farming rejects the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and this of course can only be a good thing. The process behind the production of standard cotton uses toxic chemicals and pesticides, and although this makes cotton products super cheap for us consumers… it has a HUGE environmental impact on the world. Especially for many local villages where cotton farms are based; It is very common for the poisonous chemicals to leak into the communities water supplies, meaning it is not safe for them to drink.

Did you know that besides helping the environment & allowing the cotton farming workers to have a better quality of life; Organic cotton is the perfect fabric for the tender developing of your young ones skin! Because the production of Organic Cotton has no need for chemicals, it causes fewer skin allergies for that squishy growing skin of your little ones.

We work fairly with each of our suppliers, paying a decent price so that they can in turn, pay decent wages. We produce our Organic Cotton in a licenced Fairtrade workshop in India, not only because it is close to the Cotton Farms, but also because they are experts in Cotton Weaving. Sadly and completely unfairly, a quarter of Indians live below the poverty line. It is imperative for our Moon Child values that we work towards a fairer world. If we can inspire others to join the support of ethical clothing, we will treat that as a success.

Our aim and future hopes for Moon Child is to one day become a fully-fledged, all singing all dancing Organic Brand, and we PINKY PROMISE that we will continue to strive towards this.