Kids Long Dungarees - Size Guide

Our dungarees are designed with a relaxed fit to last through a few growth spurts. The legs are designed to roll up, and the straps are adjustable.

0-6 Months.

Inner Leg: 24cm / Waist: 64cm / Full Length: 57cm

6-12 Months.

Inner Leg: 27cm / Waist: 66cm / Full Length: 60cm

1-2 Years.

Inner Leg: 29cm / Waist: 68cm / Full Length: 69cm

3-4 Years.

Inner Leg: 35.5cm / Waist: 70cm / Full Length: 77cm

5-6 Years.

Inner Leg: 39cm / Waist: 80cm/ Full Length: 87cm

7-8 Years.

Inner Leg: 43cm / Waist: 84cm / Full Length: 95cm

9-10 Years.

Inner Leg: 47cm / Waist: 92cm / Full Length: 105cm

11-12 Years.

Inner Leg: 52cm / Waist: 100cm / Full Length: 115cm