Adults Long Dungarees - Size Guide

Our dungarees are oversized so make sure to look at the size guide rather than going for the size you'd usually go for!


XS - We'd recommend these for a size 6-8.

Short. Waist: 105cm / Inner Leg: 56.5cm

Regular. Waist: 105cm / Inner Leg: 69cm

Long. Waist: 105cm / Inner Leg: 81.5cm


Small - We'd recommend these for a size 8-10.

Short. Waist: 112cm / Inner Leg: 56.5cm

Regular. Waist: 112cm / Inner Leg: 69cm

Long. Waist: 112cm / Inner Leg: 81.5cm


Medium We'd recommend these for a size 12-14.

Short. Waist: 122cm / Inner Leg: 56.5cm

Regular. Waist: 122cm / Inner Leg: 69cm

Long. Waist: 122cm / Inner Leg: 81.5cm


Large - We'd recommend these for a size 16-18.

Short. Waist: 130cm / Inner Leg: 56.5cm

Regular. Waist: 130cm / Inner Leg: 69cm

Long. Waist: 130cm / Inner Leg: 81.5cm


XL We'd recommend these for a size 20-24

Short. Waist: 140cm / Inner Leg: 56.5cm

Regular. Waist: 140cm / Inner Leg: 69cm

Long. Waist: 140cm / Inner Leg: 81.5cm